Dr. Sibel BAYRAM
University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Turcology,


The term of Bildungsroman refers to an individual’s development and change in his life. This term is German and spread over the world literature from German one. Other literatures used Bildungs term for this type of novel as well. Bildungsroman type is close to the meaning of two types of novel, which are the development novel (Entwicklungsroman) and educational one (Erziehungroman). However, this type differs from other types in terms of style of functioning of individual in the novel.
Bildungsroman novel type centres upon an individual’s childhood, youth or maturity
period and analyzes this period in detail. By examining the individual’s inner world, it shows his maturation and adaptation to the society. This character seen as the controversial at the beginning of the novel is seen as matured and serene at the end of it after various processes.
In this context, It can be considered ‘The Castle’ by famous Bosnian writer Mesha Selimovic belongs to this type. Ahmet Sabo, who thinks differently from others and can be called rebel at the beginning of the novel, becomes a man everybody accepts after conflicts with himself and the society. He now has minimized the difference between himself and the society and become a person as everyone does.
Key Words: Bildungsroman, conflict, alienation, solitude, harmony.

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