Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut CELİK
Unıversity of “Goce Delchev” in Shtip, Macedonian– Department
of Turkish Language and Literature,



The notion of Children’s Literature means the literature dedicated to the children. Indeed, the essential of this theme is the child. There are several definitions about the children and children’s literature. Unfortunately, there is not a definite definition about it yet. During the explications about the definitions of children, a question comes in mind which is, who is the child indeed? There are two principal determinants about the notion of Children’s literature: The first one is “child” and the second one is “literature”. We tried to resolve these two notions internally. After that, we tried to give explications what is the children and the children’s literature, their characteristics and what’s the reason of the need of their existence.

The child is the most sacred being, given to the mankind. A child is just like a philosopher. For a child, the world and everything in the world is something new and interesting. The children’s literature is dedicated to the children or it is the works created by children or it is just a literature. Everyone’s answers to these questions could be different. But it is very useful to approach scientifically to the children’s literature. The children’s literature is a literature which reflects the children’s sensitivity in a literary form and which takes into consideration their personal and spiritual characteristics and the vocabulary.

Keywords: Child, notion, literature, definition


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